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Membership of Eltham Velo costs just £10 per year, effective from 1 January. With effect from 1 June, membership for the remainder of the year costs £5. There is no requirement to join Eltham Velo before you join us for your first ride. You're welcome to join us on an exploratory ride to see if we're what you're looking for before committing. 

Your membership fee includes a contribution towards the annual hosting fees for our website, and a contribution towards our annual affiliation to British Cycling.

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We're about cycling not bureaucracy, so no long meetings! We're mainly about road riding but some of our guys ride mountain bikes, and some compete in triathlons. We are multi-ability so not just for the fast but if you are quick we'll try to challenge you. If you're not quick yet we'll help and look after you. And maybe make you quicker!

We also have a monthly social night at a pub in Eltham, which everyone is welcome to attend.  It's definitely not a meeting, although we do talk about future rides. 

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See What People Are Saying


We aim to have two rides every Sunday: an intermediate ride and an advanced. Most of our rides include a cafe stop for refuelling.

All of our rides are led by a 'Ride Captain' who aims to set a pace that all riders can cope with. We'll try our best not to drop or lose you, we'll wait at junctions and at the top of hills and we stop for and assist with any mechanical problems (if we can!).

Please check our Facebook and Twitter for the latest information on rides.

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Intermediate: up to 35 miles at an average speed of around 12-13 mph, depending on the terrain. These rides have shorter mileage,  and less aggressive climbing. 

Advanced: often 40+ miles with hilly going and an average speed of up to 15 mph. These are quicker and hillier, and may include one or more local Category 4 hill.

Social: once every six weeks or so, we run a more leisurely whole club ride to a cafe stop. These are very popular and provide more of an opportunity for chatting.

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We ride every Sunday from:

Avery Hill Park Cafe

Reinickendorf Avenue


London SE9 2PQ

Eltham Velo Cycling Club South East London SE9 Kent


Eltham Velo are proud to be an affiliated cycling club of British Cycling, the UK's governing body for all forms of cycling.  We think it's important to support both our governing body, and the wider sport in the UK.  Being an affiliated member provides Eltham Velo with essential public liability insurance for running a cycling club.  It also provides us with advice and assistance with running the Club, together with introductory membership discounts for your club members.

A proportion of your annual membership of Eltham Velo provides a contribution towards our annual affiliate membership of British Cycling.

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